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Front Brick
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German factory Neufelderklinker, offers a huge choice of high-strength production for a house facade. A front brick and ways the stone blocks is made of natural pure clay, baked at temperature over 1200 degrees. The facing brick of our factory, is the strongest and durable front material. For landscape design, our factory makes ways a stone blocks of the various sizes and a thickness.
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Russian communication Partner
On our site production of our factory and production of our partners is presented. We are export department of German factory Klinker for the Russian-speaking countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
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Klinker Group - Klinker werke Germany
Here brief information on production of German Factory Klinker is necessary. Basically, on this site factory production in Russian, also production German заводив company Klinker Group partners is given. Company Klinker of Groups, is an urgent link of distribution of German production in Russian-speaking regions of a planet. |
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Sidewalk paving
Most durable paving bricks German plant resistant to extreme winter conditions. Paving bricks are made from environmentally friendly material. Sidewalk paving is slip resistant surface. Ideal natural color tone pavers do not fade from sunlight, resistant to salts, a motley mix of different kinds, make it incredibly beautiful. Constant amount of sidewalk pavers in the warehouse, allows the plant to quickly and efficiently respond to your request. |
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Neue Riemchen und  Verblender werden wir ab Januar 2014 Liefern, danach kommt auch Produkt Bilder. Wir wunschen Ihnen Freuehe Weihnachten und guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr mit Feuerwerk und Pyrotechnik von uns.    PS: Walter